The National Efficiency Screening Project (NESP) is a group of organizations and individuals that are working together to improve the way that utility customer-funded electricity and natural gas energy efficiency resources are screened for cost-effectiveness.

The purpose of this project is to improve efficiency screening practices throughout the United States, and to help inform decision-makers regarding which efficiency resources are in the public interest and what level of investment is appropriate.

The NESP is coordinated by the Home Performance Coalition

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The Resource Value Framework

The NESP recommends that each state use the Resource Value Framework (RVF) for developing and implementing efficiency screening tests. The Resource Value Framework is a framework of principles and recommendations to provide guidance for states to develop and implement tests that are consistent with sound principles and best practices.

The RVF is intentionally designed to provide each state with the flexibility to ensure that the test they use meets their state’s distinct needs and interests, as provided in relevant energy policies and regulatory orders.

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There are several documents and presentations about NESPavailable for download, including:

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